Jamaica 0121 Festival is a celebration of Jamaica’s 57th year of independence. This is a free outdoor festival that is a fusion of Jamaican and British culture featuring Live Bands, Performing Artist, DJs, Workshops, Jamaican & Jerk Cuisine and a variety of stalls. You and the whole family will be able to participation together to enjoy this cultural experience. Jamaica 0121 will be another exhilarating dazzling display of Jamaica’s influence on today's culture engaging everyone that attends and encapsulating the diverse spirit of Birmingham.

3 Days
40 Stalls
70 Artist
30 Djs
20 Celebrity Host
1 You

Jamaica 0121 Festival Opens

Jamiaca 0121 will officially be open on Friday 2nd August by the His Execellency Seth George Ramocan of Jamaica High Commissioner and learder of Birmingham city council Cllr Ian Ward. There will be the official cutting of the ribbon to get the festival on its way and traders will offically open their stalls to the public. The festival will not only be celebrating 57 years of independance from British rule, but will a showcase the culture that Jamaica has exported to Birmingham

Visitors will get an opportunity to taste a of what the event will be like over the weekend during this period, Jerk Stalls , Jamaican Cuisine, arts, craft and fashion will all be available and Jamaican Tourist board and Victoria Mutual will be on hand to give you information on visiting and investing in Jamaica.

The Afterwork Session.

If you work in the city then why not pop in have a drink with us at one of our Reggae Bars. The after work session is geared to those leaving hustle and bustle of work and want to let their hair down before going home for the weekend. Enjoy the cool relaxing atmosphere and grab a Red Stripe or Wray and Nephew or one of the cocktails on the drinks menu.
If you want, you can just enjoy the relaxing contemporary music being played but one of our top local club DJs and feel the Vibe which is Jamaica.

Jamaica Folk.

Experience the culture in its pure form as we open the stage of Jamaica 0121 with Jamaica Folk. Performances that embellish the essence of Jamaican culture from the poetry of Miss Lou to he songs Bob Marley; From local and national artist to poets, dancers, drummer and more this night will set the stage for what is to be a truly Jamaican cultural experience.

Reggae Rock Live

There is nothing like the sound of live music; and a festival is not a festival without a live band, so we are bringing you the ecliptic bass tones of reggae music live. From Bob Marley to Chronnix this is where you will feel the true vibrations of the Island we call Jamaica. Reggae Rock Live will feature some of the best local reggae artist and some legends adding a musical flavour to the Jerk aroma that will be filling the air of the city. Reggae Rock will be hosted by Basil Gabidon formally of Steel Pulse so you can expect a great night out.

Jamaican Markets

Day 2 of the Jamaica 0121 festival will see a more extensive program, the festival will open from 10:30am, with the Jamaican Market. Early shoppers in the city centre can visit and get their Hard Dough Bread, Bammi, Patties and Jamaican Craft & Fashion. If you want, you can also take time out to visit some of our information stalls to learn more about visiting Jamaica or investing in Jamaica. It is all up to you “No Problem!”

The Stage Program

As the first full day of the festival, we are offering a full day of activities. The stage will definately be busy as we give opportunity to upcoming artist and performers to showcase their talents. There will be schedule performances as well as open mics session, on stage workshops, comedy, cooking demonstrations and mixologist demonstrations. Join in the evening Karaoke and sing your favour songs to the live audience, you just might win a big prize. The perfect day to bring the family out for great entertainment.

Black International Film Festival

Films returns to the square with a flavour of Jamaica, The Black International Film Festival will be hosting a weekend of films from the UK and Jamaica. the big screen will draw in and encapsulate viewers, whilst encouraging them to take a well deserving break from the activities of the square.  Festival goers can get cosy as they watch one of the many movies on offer in a friendly environment

Sound System Night

Saturday night will bring to the stage the key catalysts in the development of Jamaican music, “The sound system”. In the early days of reggae music, the sound system was the only way that local artists could get their music to the masses, who would attend the dancehall to hear the latest music. With sound effects and giant speakers, the system would fill this open space with infectious bass tones. Delighting the audience with the sound of blue beat and ska.
"Sound System Night" bring this to the square. Feel the real downtown Kingston vibe, you will be entertained by some of the leading UK sound systems, Radio DJs and personalities, bringing you that authentic Jamaican sound. From dub plates to 45 specials it will be a true night that will keep you rocking while you float away on that musical craft, we call the sound the Sound System

Jamaican Markets

Day 3 is the final day of the Jamaica 0121 festival, as in the previous days the festival will open from 10:30am, with the Jamaican Market. visitors in the city centre can visit and get their Hard Dough bread, Bammi, Patties and Jamaican craft and Fashion or even a jamaican breakfast if you missed that essential meal. Make sure you have a good walk around and there will be a bargin to have as its the last day so see you at the festival.

Jazz Jamaica

Feel the soulful vibe of Sunday afternoon as we set a relaxing environment filling the square with the sweet sounds of the saxophone, acoustic guitars and neo soul lyrics. Relax while you tuck in to some Rice & Peas and Jerk chicken or some of the many dishes that will be available at the Jamaica 0121. Local and reginal musicians will be on stage playing you classics and original compositions.

Sunday Best

Jamaica boasts the most churches per capita in the world, and therefore religion plays an integral part of Jamaican society. On Sunday, it is customary for Jamaicans to dress in their best attire to attend church or visit friends and family. We are hosting Sunday best where we bring to the square a soulful vibe with a gospel flavour featuring best of the UK's gospel acts

Salute to Jamaica

For the first time we will be doing a salute to Jamaica ceremony in front of The Council House. The Salute will consist of Jamaican veterans from the armed forces personnel with cultural performances of Jamaican folk and a blessing from local church Ministers.

Jamaica Unplugged

Jamaica Unplugged will see the curtains come down on what we are expecting to be a very successful three-day festival. Jamaica unplugged will showcase the soul of Jamaican live music, from Reggae and Ska to Dancehall and Soul will take main stage on the 3rd and final day bringing to a close the Pre- celebrations of Jamaica’s Independence. The live music session will be the culmination of the festival and will embody what has made Jamaica a worldwide brand, emphasising its culture through music and food.


Paulette Tajah

Lover's Rock Queen


Bob Marley Experience

Macka B

Dub Poet

Lorna Gee

Conscious Sister

Get a Stall and be part of the 0121 Experience

Getting Involved
As you can imagine hosting a free event like this comes with a hefty price tag, so how will we do it? We are inviting organisations, companies, small businesses and individuals with a vested interest in the Jamaican diaspora to be part of this special event by investing in a stall, whether its Jerk you are selling or Tee shirts, you will find a captive market for your product
We are always mindful that in today’s markets any investment made must be justified and although we cannot guarantee a sudden upturn in your business, we provide an oppourtunity to engage with a very niche market. Your product or service will  be seen by thousands people in just one weekend, The rest is up to you!
Getting involved in this event is easy, Just choose the stall type that is right for your business and fill in the application when you recieved it, please always read the terms to make sure the stall you choose is suitable for your service.

£ 2000

  • 6m x3m Pitch
  • Fire poof Chalet
  • Hot Hand wash
  • Electricity
  • Running Water
  • Fire Extinguisher

£ 1500
Hot Food Stall SOLD OUT

  • 3m x3m Pitch
  • Fire poof Chalet
  • Hot Hand wash
  • Electricity
  • Running Water

£ 2000
Business SOLD OUT

  • 4m x2m Pitch
  • Wooden Chalet
  • Electricity

£ 1000
Dry Goods SOLD OUT

  • 3m x3m Pitch
  • Marquee
  • Running Water

£ 1000

  • 3mx2m Pitch
  • Wooden Chalet

  • Lockable front

fr £ 6000

  • 6m x 4m Pitch
  • Fire poof Chalet
  • Lockable front
  • Hot Hand wash
  • Electricity
  • Running Water
  • Fire Extinguisher



Frequently Asked Question

Getting a stall is simple you are now one step closer to doing just that. Just go to the stall section on this website, fill in and submit the Request Form and you will be sent an application. Complete the application and return it back to the address provided, you will then be notified if your application is successful. You will then need to pay the relevants fee to confirm your stall.
If you have a talent and you want to take part in the festival, please email us and send a link to an audition video or sample of your works to artist@jamaica0121.and we will get back to you .
You are not permitted to bring alcohol of any kind to the festival. Weapons, Knives, Drugs or Chemicals of any kind are not permitted, this is a family orientated event. In addition you are not permitted to bring tents as camping is not allowed, chairs or bicycles. You however are allowed to bring good attitude and a joyful spirit.
Jamaica 0121 is for the whole family, however some days and times are busier than others, we dont recommend you bringing younger kids in push chairs in the peak times of the festival. Peak times are usually after 4.00pm and especially on Sunday which is the final day of the festival
Although Festival events become quite busy, there may be spaces available at the last minute. As we will be operating a Click out Click in system, We suggest that you come early for events you are interested in, you may have to join a queue for access, you may have to do so (20 minutes before the event starts) but we cannot guarantee that spaces will become available. There will be controlled access to the event.
There are no specific parking areas at the festival. Please use public car parks around Birmingham City Centre. You will find the festival is easily accessable as it centrally located nd tranport links are good any bus of traing coming into the city will give you nearby access to the festival location.
Make sure to check the website and FAQ, before contacting Jamaica 0121. By doing so, you can limit the amount of emails recieve and speed up reply time for questions which cannot be found at the website.

Venue info

Address: Birmingham City Centre

Contact: 0121 286 4486

Mail: hello@jamaica0121.uk